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Folding camera

"A folding camera is a camera type. Folding cameras fold into a compact and rugged package for storage. The lens and shutter are attached to a lens-board which is connected to the body of the camera by a light-tight folding bellows. When the camera is fully unfolded it provides the correct focus distance from the film. The key advantage of folding cameras is their excellent physical-size to film-size ratio when the camera is folded for storage. Portable folding cameras dominated camera design from the 1890s to 1930s and were significant into the late 1940s. Specialized cameras such as the Polaroid SX-70 Instant film camera, and the Speed Graphic press cameras used folding designs into the 1970s." - ( 28.03.2020)
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  • Plattenkamera


    Plattenkamera mit Holzgehäuse und Lederbalge, Anastigmat-Objektiv 1:7,2 F = 120 mm und Fadenkreuzsucher.

    Object information
    Image: Heimatmuseum Altes Rathaus Loßburg - CC BY-NC-SA

  • Agfa Billy Record

    Agfa Billy Record

    Objektiv Agfa Anastigmat Igestar F:7,7 Verschluss aus eigener Produktion (Agfa Automat) mit den Zeiten 1/25 s, 1/50 s, 1/100 s und B Entfernung von 2,5 m bis Unendlich Für Rollfilm 120 (6 x ...

    Object information
    Image: Heimatmuseum Alten - CC BY-NC-SA

  • Belca Beltica

    Belca Beltica

    Objektiv Meritar 1:2,9, f=50mm Ernst Ludwig Format: 135er Film 24X36 Verschluss: Cludor 1 bis 1/200 B - Blitzbuchse - Balgen Springkonstruktion - Stativanschluss - Drahtauslöseranschluss - Parallaxenausgleich zwischen unendlich und 1,20m

    Object information
    Image: Heimatmuseum Alten - CC BY-NC-SA